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Welcome to the Land of Funmentia!

This page explains the sound genre of funmentia. This funmentia manifesto is focused on returning the fun part of dementia back into the spotlight like it used to be back in the golden age of music (1955-1973).

Funmentia Explained

What funmentia means is that it's a genre consisting of the styles of music and spoken word with the angle of comedy, novelty, strange, parody, satire, and amusement.

Novelty doesn't have to be comedy in order to be funmented.

Funmentia is a name that finally has come of age in the days where so many playlists are no longer featuring traditional comedy on a regular basis.

Construction of Funmentia

First, you add the novelty records and other records that were unintentionally goofy in nature. In the 50s-70s, novelty records used to regularily appear on the Billboard record charts when radio stations didn't think twice about playing something that was goofy and odd at the time.

You heard them alongside the more serious melodies on the pop stations.

Soon after a national show specializing in novelty records debut, amateurs and unsigned bands began submitting homemade tapes of funny recordings to that show.

Among those were Barnes and Barnes, Roto Rooter, Damascus, SuLu, and of course, Alfred Yankovic.

Add in the subgenre of stand-up comedians such as Steve Martin, George Carlin, Richard Pryor, and others releasing comedy albums thoughout the decades.

Add in sketch troupes such as Monty Python, National Lampoon, Firesign Theater, and the duo of Cheech and Chong.

Add in comedy music performers such as Allan Sherman, Martin Mull, Capitol Steps, Ray Stevens, and Tom Lehrer.

By the end of the 70s, this dementia genre had subgenres of stand-up, sketches, weird sketches, parodies, humor, satire, strange, weird covers, commercial takeoffs, novelty songs, pop culture, early days of new wave, political, goofy pre-1955 recordings, and the golden age of TV memories.

This definition makes up half of what is known as funmentia today.

Then, the Geek Invasion of Dementia

Then in the 80s and afterwards, you got songs about computers and video games, filk music, sci-fi, anime, sorcery, nerdcore rap, cable TV cartoons, sci-fi shows and movies, virtual worlds, Internet, show tunes, and more that really began to stray from the core of what dementia was once about in the 70s.

In turn, top 40 and urban radio stations added in demented recordings featuring crime lifestyles, questionable activities, and other topics that are not comedy, but demented. These are the type that are not funny/ha-ha. Even country recordings that feature people doing demented but not funny things in life could be deemed demented.

The Birth of Blue Collar Comedy

In the 90s, a counter culture was beginning to form called the Blue Collar culture, which embraces for the most part the traditional subgenres of dementia as defined in the 70s. They played comedy stand-up and music, most of which with a folk and/or country music genre, joked about rednecks, white trash, NASCAR, hunting, outdoor life, rural life, and other topics about middle America.

Jeff Foxworthy could be called the leader of that counter culture of comedy. Rodney Carrington is a premier comedy country musician. The Bob and Tom show often has funny music guests playing funny folk and acoustic guitar novelty tunes aimed at the middle America culture.

This counter culture of comedy would soon be embraced in a radio station that is now called ifunnyradio since the year 2000. This station regularily features traditional style dementia and Blue Collar culture, now simply called the "funmentia" genre.

Funmentia vs. Geekcore

Not everybody cares to be entertained solely on the geekcore angle. Today's dementites seem to be exlcusively geekcore and not much of a fan of what we coined "funmentia."

Funmentites are very selective in what to watch, regardless of whether it's aimed at the geeks, gays, rednecks, or whatever. If it's good, the funmentites will watch it. Funmentites tend to be traditional, conservative, family oriented, church supporters, and protective of the minors from challenging adult material that they may not be ready to comprehend.

Many of the funmentities don't watch TV, read books, or go to movies specifically for the geek stuff the geek crowd seeks. They watch and read whatever sounds good to them.

Many watched every Star Wars and Harry Potter movie just once, but they are more likely to watch movies like Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, American Graffitti, and Rocky multiple times.

Many funmentities don't care to play fantasy games, watch anime, attend cons, and see filk performers. They prefer to go out of town to vacation resorts and leisure activities.

The problem is that the geekcore artists and the funmentia artists do not mix at all. Geekcore artists tend to be very critical if they find something funmented that is not up to their standards, but funmentites tend to ignore geekcore stuff without a complaint if they don't like it.

So, the name of funmentia (or funtasia as some people call it) as an unmbrella title of traditional dementia is born. It consists of new and classic material that fits the genre of funmentia. It brings comedy music back to the center and the mainstream. You don't have to watch niche sci-fi TV shows, movies, or books in order to enjoy the genre. All you need is to learn how to comprehend sentences spoken by other people, achieved by the age of 3, and you're in on the genre. You don't need a B.A. or higher to be part of it!

Summarization of Funmentia

Funmentia: a genre of sound recordings made by combining the words of fun and dementia. Also goes by the name of funtasia ("Welcome to the Land of Funmentia)."

This consists of subgenres of stand-up, sketches, weird sketches, parodies, humor, satire, strange, weird covers, commercial takeoffs, novelty songs, pop culture, early days of new wave, political, goofy pre-1955 recordings, and the golden age of TV memories. This also includes the entire Blue Collar comedy counter culture. It's range of subjects are limitless.

Some overlaps between funmentia and the geekcore include interests in Star Trek, though the fumnentoids prefer Star Trek over Star Wars which geekcores prefer.

Geekcores tend to be bigger fans of Monty Python, Harry Potter, MST3K, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and Pirates of the Carribean than funmentoids, which tend to still enjoy such topics on a smaller scale.

Both are into video games, but the funmentoids are choosy about which ones are quick to enjoy for some 5-10 minutes such as Pac-Man and Space Invaders. Geekcores play games with longer time intervals.


Variations of funmentia: funmentoid, funtasia, funtastic, funmentite, funmentian.

Some Notable Funmentia Artists

The list would be too big, so here's a few of the big ones that were mostly in the field of funmentia.

Spike Jones, Tom Lehrer, Allan Sherman, Cheech and Chong, Steve Martin, George Carlin, Richard Pryor, Martin Mull, Flip Wilson, Lily Tomlin, Alfred "Weird Al" Yankovic, Barnes and Barnes, Damaskas, SuLu, Ray Stevens, Heywood Banks, The Frantics, Firesign Theater, Sean Morey, Capitol Steps, Arrogant Worms, National Lampoon, Monty Python, Jeff Dunham, George Lopez, Jeff Foxworthy, Larry the Cable Guy, Rodney Carrington, Wally Wingert, Mark Jonathan Davis, Cletus T. Judd, Stan Freberg, Nervous Norvous, Napoleon XIV, Ogden Edsl, Wildman Fisher, Frank Zappa, Dickie Goodman, Whimsical Will (William Simpson), MAD Magazine, Saturday Night Live, SCTV, Ernie Kovacs, Mel Blanc, Da Yoopers, Paul and Storm, Faust and Lewis, Adam Sandler, Gilda Radner, Four Postmen, Happy Schnapps Combo, Herbert Farmer, Haywire Mac, Vestibules, Julie Brown, Royal Canadian Air Farce, Mike Toomey, Henry Phillips, Carla Ulbrich, Kobi LaCroix, Mel Brooks, Howie Mandel, Lorne Elliott, Kacey Jones, Roto Rooter Band, The Beatles, Bob and Doug McKenzie, Barron Knights, Woody Allen, Rich Little, The Toons, The Simpsons, Tom T-Bone Stankus, Bill Engvall, Barry Martin, Bobby Pickett, Ron White, American Comedy Network, Abbott and Costello, Three Stooges, Marx Brothers, Laurel and Hardy, Charlie Chaplin, Buster Keaton, iJustine, Art Paul Schlosser, Jerry Lewis, Johnny Carson, Billy C. Wirtz, Bill Cosby, Christine Lavin, Camille West, Redd Foxx, Alan King, Stiller and Meara, Burns and Schrieber, Hudson and Landry, Bob and Ray, Wallace and Ladmo, Credibility Gap, Bob Newhart, Chipmunks, Rowan and Martin, Skyles and Henderson, Shelly Berman, Fred Allen, Henny Youngman, Rodney Dangerfield, Steven Wright, Shel Silverstein, Robin Williams, Eddie Murphy, Dennis Miller, Carl Dangers, Bubba de Skitso, Axis of Awesome, Nipsey Russell, Jobob and the Republicrats, Daniel Radcliffe, Paul Shanklin, Dean and Jerry, Todd Snider, Slant 6 and the Jumpstarts, John Mammoser, Presidents of the United States of America, and more.

and the founder of funmentia himself, David Tanny!

The Funmentia Lifestyle

Leisure activities: include mountain sports, beach games, outdoor field sports, family board games, pinball machines, indoor sports, off-road activities, fishing, hunting, theme parks, etc.

TV genres: variety, talk, sitcoms, game shows, crime dramas, detective stories, rural, family, general dramas, real life adventures, nature, etc.

Music: rockabilly, pop standards, big band, swing, hillbilly, blues jazz, British rock, American rock and roll, soul, rhythm and blues, adult contemporary, smooth jazz, adult disco, new wave, folk, country, western, bluegrass, lounge, polka, etc.

Humor: vaudeville, slapstick, storytelling, jokes, riddles, puns, stand-up, sketches, parodies, novelty music, pop culture takeoffs, political, topical, etc.

Big events: Super Bowl by the NFL, World Series by MLB, NBA Finals, state fairs, Olympics, World Cup soccer, BCS series, parades, golf championships, racing events, etc.

Funmentoid Creed

Many funmentoids are local heroes, participating in public service activities such as volunteering for organizations like Big Brother, Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, USO, and other credible organizations.

Funmentoids are also diverse in working class levels, religious beliefs, races, sexual orientations, political views, and education levels achieved. They accept differences between other people as an advantage instead of an offense.

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